We’re excited to introduce our 2013 Peak Pedalers! Please join along as they train, ride, live, and learn this spring preparing for Ride The Rockies.


Jeff Thomas, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Riding the Rockies on a tandem means experiencing the thrills and the pain, the energy and the fatigue, as a couple. During the good and the bad, you’re always a team.


Michael Olivier, Fort Collins, Colorado.
I am a stay-at-home dad who trains by day with my 2yo and 4yo kids on the back of our cargo bike (Xtracycle long tail) and trains by evening and weekend on the Front Range roads of Fort Collins on my Felt road bike. We recently relocated from Asheville, NC with three things in mind: Sell the car, bike everywhere and get into the Ride The Rockies.


Sherry Schulz, Lakewood, Colorado.
This isn’t a race–but a wonderful time to commune with nature and to get to know mountain passes intimately. Other riders may say I’m their “hero” or their “inspiration”–but really, I’m just doing what they are doing–trying to accomplish my goal of trying to summit. I just have a much lower view while doing it.


Leslie Shapiro, Miami, Florida.
I’ve taken my fascination with technology and turned it toward my passion for cycling. I can spend days researching gear ratios and nutrition plans. That technical curiosity also led me to do my own bike maintenance. I own over a dozen bikes (yikes!), mainly so I can frequently build them up and tear them down, swapping components based on my plans for each bike.


Ingrid Muller, Boulder, Colorado
You would think that after riding in seven Ride The Rockies tours, I would run out of things to write about, photograph or learn. Yet each year I ride, I see another part of the state I’ve never seen before, meet people that amaze me, photograph scenes I won’t find anywhere else — and learn once again that a girl can never have too much chamois butter.


Dan Grunig, Denver, Colorado
I have the best job in the world. My days are filled with working with people across Colorado to get more people on bicycles, and teaching safe biking and driving practices.