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If you’re selected as a finalist, we will contact you right away to get you started! We’ll talk about what kind of reporting you can provide, and how to work with us as the summer progresses.

Each Peak Pedaler will be asked to:

1) Submit a photo (good headshot) and 250-word bio within a week of being notified.

2) Meet in person or via phone with Peak Pedaler manager within one week of selection to discuss specific requirements and correspondent’s plan.

3) Submit and have approved a plan for post scheduling after discussion with Peak Pedaler manager.

4) Submit to Peak Pedaler manager 2-3 blog posts per month. Blog posts are at most around 500 words, and may consist of photos, captions, or original writing by the Peak Pedaler. Each post should include AT LEAST one photo.

5) Submit to Peak Pedaler manager 3-4 blog posts over the course of Ride Week.

6) Help promote posted blog posts on personal social media sites and a minimum of two relevant social media interactions per month (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, personal blog).

In return, Peak Pedalers will get:

1) A new Specialized cycling helmet

2) Guaranteed entry into 30th Anniversary Ride The Rockies in 2015 (does not include registration fee)

3) Public recognition at events and on web site

4 The opportunity to promote their cause or tell their stories by sharing their posts and photos of training, riding, and exploring the state of Colorado

Peak Pedalers will work continually with the Ride The Rockies Peak Pedaler manager, who may edit posts for length, clarity, subject matter, and relevance. Every effort will be made to work WITH Peak Pedalers and make edits in collaboration, but the Peak Pedaler manager reserves the right to make final edits as necessary to post in a timely manner.


Votes for the Peak Pedaler contest are tallied by counting likes and mentions on:

  • The Ride The Rockies website
  • Ride The Rockies Facebook
  • Mentions of the contestant’s hashtag on Twitter
  • Mentions of the contestant’s hashtag on Instagram
  • Likes on Ride The Rockies Instagram

Likes you receive on a Facebook posting on your own page cannot be counted — we can only count Facebook likes and shares on the Ride The Rockies page itself.


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