Breckenridge – Elevation 9,600 ft.

Breckenridge’s rich history is full of gold finds and mining, exploration and adventure, brothels and saloons, booms and busts. Founded in 1859 by a small group of prospectors, the town’s Gold Rush brought droves of settlers seeking their fortunes. Though not all found gold, each discovered the beauty of the Tenmile Range in the Rocky Mountains.

Fast forward 155 years and you’ll discover why it’s no surprise that Breckenridge has been referred to as the perfect mountain town. Full of history and character, Breckenridge shares an incredibly laid-back charm that makes you feel like a local – no matter the season. From shopping to nightlife and dining to culture, you can kick-it-up or kick back, whatever your mood.

Take a stroll down our authentic Victorian Main Street and feel the vibrant spirit of eclectic boutiques and happy hour/après-ski cheer, or relax next to the soothing Blue River. Whatever you crave, you can find it here, ‘cause in ‘Breck’ we keep it real 24/7.

The people who today call Breckenridge home are fostering a whole new set of riches: a swiftly growing “Made-in-Breck” scene that ranges from superfat skis and handmade bicycle frames to award-winning bourbon and fine foods; a flourishing Arts District; an unmatched trail system and bike-friendly community; and a resort that’s known for winter but delivers big fun all summer long. Founded more than 150 years ago, Breckenridge still attracts travelers in search of adventure.

Why Breckenridge for biking? The town’s easily-accessed trail network – once used by miners in search of gold – today leads to more than 1,000 miles of mountain biking across Summit County. Road cyclists can explore the surrounding counties via mountain passes, bike paths and state highways. Casual riders can hop on a cruiser and join the weekly ride or explore historic downtown. In-town bike lanes – one of the many efforts that led to Breck’s designation as a gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community – make it a snap for any ability to saddle up.