The Axel Project was created in honor of our son Axel who was killed in February 2013 at the age of two. As he began to grow and take on his precocious toddler personality, it became readily evident that he shared our love of life, adventure, and cycling.

In the months after our loss we wanted to come up with a way to honor his joy and memory. We decided to set up the Axel Project. Axel loved his balance bike and we loved watching him gain confidence and enjoy life as he rode around.

We believe biking not only builds confidence in young children but also improves health, is an outlet to express pure joy, is a foundation to a lifelong appreciation of nature, and helps strengthen family bonds because it’s an activity the entire family can do together.

By getting more children and families interested in bicycling from the beginning we are helping build healthier communities and a better world.