I started cycling about 10 years ago, having been off the bike since college. When I was just starting out as a novice cyclist, I heard about an amazing adventure — Ride The Rockies — and my immediate goal was to become good enough to attempt that ride. My first RTR was in 2005, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

While I spent every hour I could on the bike, I still had a day job. I’ve been a music engineer for 25 years, and a writer for 15 years in the audio and consumer electronics industry. I’m sure my background in music and engineering has helped me become a gear expert. Ask me about how a Garmin GPS works, and I can talk for hours about satellite triangulation. Fun stuff!

Making sure those brakes are adjusted!

Making sure those brakes are adjusted!

I’ve taken that fascination with technology and turned it towards my passion for cycling. I can (and do) spend days researching components, gear ratios, training and nutrition plans. That technical curiosity also led me to doing my own bike maintenance. I frequently build up and tear down my bikes for specific events, swapping components based on my plans. A climbing ride in the mountains coming up? Break out the compact crank. A long, flat century? Slap on the big ring. What bike would be best? Steel, carbon and titanium all have a place in my stable.

I try to take the mystique out of bike maintenance and gear shopping, and explain it in a way everyone can understand. I would like to help women feel more empowered to do their own basic maintenance without having to run to the local bike shop for every minor thing, although I love and appreciate those shops for supplying the tools I need. I firmly believe every woman needs a chain whip in her arsenal.

My experience as a cyclist extends beyond the tool box. I’ve participated in numerous Ride The Rockies since that first one in 2005, including volunteering as a Ride Official since the program was initiated. I also rode in the inaugural Pedal The Plains last September. I’ve done numerous 24-hour races and 200k-400k rides. In 2012, I raced in RAAM (the 3,000-mile Race Across America) on an 8-person team, and crewed for the race in 2011, and will crew again immediately following RTR this year. All of this riding has given me knowledge of the training, prep, and nutrition required for multi-day events such as Ride The Rockies.

I hope I can help keep everyone’s bikes and bodies running smoothly and happily. And a happy bike makes a happy rider. Smiles for miles.