The power of team

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At first glance cycling seems like an individual sport. A sport where you hop on your bike, take off for miles and ride till you die. The opposite is true. Cycling is a team sport where together as a unit so much more can be achieved. Together, a team is powerful. Together, a team can breeze for miles climbing hills and win races. A team is motivation to work for others instead of working just for yourself.

Team Bunker on a rare group ride up South Fork in Provo Canyon!!

Team Bunker on a rare group ride up South Fork in Provo Canyon!!

Growing up near Boulder and having visited and driven on many of the roads we are riding this year, I know the work it will take to complete each day. Having a strong fear of under-training, I began this past week worried. To the rescue came “Timp Cyclery Team” and suddenly my viewpoint changed. They pushed me up Provo Canyon, help me hit PRs and encouraged me to do what I didn’t think was possible. The drive to not hold the group back pushed me beyond what I thought was possible for the day. The group motivated me while they talked of their various cycling events and training. I realized that I was on schedule and that I can do anything. I ride home feeling assured that I am in fact ready for Ride The Rockies.

While I won’t be riding with “Timp Cyclery” for RTR this year, I will be riding with Team Bunker where I will have two awesome teammates pulling and pushing together to achieve greatness. I get to ride with my sister every day and we have a blast. We share each others frustrations and joys. Our favorite additions is our father who enjoys the foothills of Colorado. He has the advantage in training which makes him our engine but together we do a lot better. Together is how we climb passes and together is how we fly down hills.

So find your team, join a cycling group and have fun because it’s the moments with those you ride with that you see the beauty in cycling and conquering the impossible!