Firecracker 5k

The end of the school year is upon me. There are numerous track and swim meets, AP exams, final projects, and homework, not to mention inclement spring Colorado weather. With so much going on in my school life, it is difficult to find time to squeeze in a few good long rides. But I find time.

Looking up SH7 at the lower turnoff to Raymond, above Lyons, CO.

Looking up SH7 at the lower turnoff to Raymond, above Lyons, CO.

So, during the week, I try to bike home whenever possible. It’s a short six miles from school to my house, with a good mix of hills and gentle rises. It’s worth it to get the time in the saddle, even if it’s only a few times a month.

What about the weekends? Saturdays are filled with ridiculously long track meets, swim meets, and more homework! Fortunately, it is easier to get out and do a long ride on Sunday mornings when the least is going on. While I bike, I can think about school, usually challenging homework problems, trying to multitask to be more efficient with my time. For example, this past weekend, I did a forty mile ride up the South St. Vrain Canyon to Raymond from my house. It was fun going up the canyon, and not-so-fun going down. It took only a couple hours, and with more rides like this, I will be well prepared for RTR next month.

Tune in next time for some training experience I’ve had!