If you’d asked me in March what I was looking forward to the most at Ride The Rockies, my answer would have been “Everything.” Technically, that is still the case. As we get down to the last two weeks, I suppose it is time to start thinking a little more specifically.

First and foremost is the ride itself. I am extremely excited to kick off this tour. I cannot wait to get on my bike and see what is waiting for us out there and to test myself against this route. I want to feel the accomplishment of making the top of that climb, basking in the view from the top, and then enjoying the descent that climb earned me! I looked at the pictures posted by the staff of their pre-tour ride with envy. That’s where I want to be! Although, I am hoping that by waiting a month we’ll get better weather.

I’m also looking forward to all the events in each host community. The post ride events list include cycling seminars, live music and community events. It’s like a week-long block party that changes cities every day and we just follow it from town to town.

Last but not least are the people. 2,000 like-minded individuals with the same goal: “Dear God, let me make it to the top!” and with the same thought “Where did the air go?” heading to the same destination: the beer garden! I can’t imagine a better way to spend a week!

While the list of things I’m looking forward to has grown as I learn more about the ride, the list of things I was worried about has gotten smaller. Granted that list only had three things on it, but they were biggies. Do I have the right gear and enough of it? What is the weather going to be like? And finally, can I do this? Thanks to the first time rider social and the pre-tour clinic at Wheat Ridge Cyclery, I’ve answered the first question. Since weather is out of my control, nothing to do there but grit your teeth, gear up and just ride. Leaving just one more question, can I do this? While that is probably the biggest of the questions, it’s also the easiest for me to answer now. Yes. Yes I can. The only thing left standing between me and 472 miles of adventure is 2 weeks on the calendar.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the sun is shining and my bike is calling.