I have never been to this side of Colorado, so even though I rode in Ride The Rockies last year I was pretty stoked to see some new views – I was certainly not disappointed! The landscape in the Colorado National Monument was breathtaking, and the perfect weather only added to the prestige of all the monoliths and red rock canyons. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see any bighorn sheep, but I did see amazing panoramic views and that was consolation enough! This was also the first time I have ever ridden my bicycle through any kind of tunnel which was pretty exciting; and I want to thank all of the riders that left their rear light on strobe for nearly putting me into a seizure!

The views are breathtaking...as is the altitude.

The views are breathtaking…as is the altitude.

I’m going to be honest, the climb to start the day was challenging for this guy from Michigan (652 ft. above sea level). The climb was made more difficult by having to carry a heavy medical bag on my back as well. As an EMT and a riding medic this week, I love having the tools I need to help people that need assistance, but it comes with a heavy price this week (pun intended) – EXTRA WEIGHT! The climb was challenging enough, but it was made even more difficult after strapping on a medic bag. And if today was tough, tomorrow will be even tougher. So here is a SHOUT OUT to all of the riding medics this week – thanks for pulling your weight and a little extra!