I have nothing better to say than that today, everything was awesome. The gradual descent following the Arkansas River was awesome, the tough ascent up the “Wall” was awesome, the Royal Gorge bridge was super awesome, and Skyline Drive was awesome. Winning a shirt at aid 2 was awesome, looking down the Royal Gorge as a train went through was awesome, all of it was awesome!

It is very awesome to go through the Royal Gorge this time on RTR. I missed out on going over it last time in 2013 because it was on fire! Very glad to finally go over the Royal Gorge.

Skyline Drive was awesome and crazy. Awesome views for sure, and it was crazy how fast it descended into the city!

But one somewhat sad and somewhat happy thought occurred to me today-the ride ends tomorrow! That’s a little sad. But we end in Westcliffe, a town with some of the best views of the Sangro De Cristo mountains! That’s awesome.

I will leave you here a video I made today. I do apologize for the wonky camera angle at times, as I realized I was missing the screw to mount the camera on my bike!

Good luck tomorrow, and see you at the finish!