RTR so far

JuliePeak Pedaler

As I lay here in my sherpa tent at the end of day three, I look out at my bike (affectionately known as “CTM”) and know I have temporarily reduced it to a clothes drying rack. According to Strava,  in three days this bike as taken me 226.7 miles with 20,163 ft in climbing.

Overlooking the Black Canyon. Still a lot of riding to do.

Overlooking the Black Canyon. Still a lot of riding to do.

I’m on vacation, so Day One was mellow. I let all the racer people pass me and declined many offers of hopping on someone’s wheel. I slowed down and waved at the farmers.

Day two was amazing. I passed as many people as passed me, I was surprised at that. And that descent!! I took off, passed I don’t know how many,  and thoroughly enjoyed the wind in my face. What surprised me was all the people I passed gave chase! Loads of fun.

Day Three woke me up with rain splashing on the tent and barely able to move my screaming legs. But up I got, found CTM in the bike corral and away we went… slowly. Very slowly. Today was harder than yesterday. Not much worse than climbing, rain, and HEADWINDS. My rain jacket kept our the rain and kept in the warmth. When we finally descended, I wasn’t in the mood so I kept my speed down. And by the time we got to highway 50, I was exhausted and just trying to stay away from the semi’s and other vehicles.

I’ll sleep well again tonight.Tomorrow morning I’ll collect CTM and we’ll slowly pedal on down the road.

Have a great Day Four everyone!!