The FeministI think it’s so incredibly important to inspire more women to ride bikes, as it’s such a male-dominated sport. I understand it can be intimidating to some to ride alongside men, whether that be in an organized ride or along the paths, and my goal is to break down those preconceived notions. Cycling has brought me immense amount of confidence and self-esteem and I want to help other women realize what cycling can do for them.

I’m an Ambassador for Venus de Miles, which is an all-women’s bike ride through Longmont, Colorado as well as an Ambassador for Elephant Rock. Through these two Ambassador Programs, I have learned how important it is to encourage women to start cycling or to continue to inspire them to do more.

In Colorado, where our Governor, John Hickenlooper pledged $100 million to improve the bike community, gives us so many possibilities to inspire women to ride more.