Firecracker 5k

Hello! My name is Kenyan Clarkson, I am a thirteen year old girl training for Ride The Rockies. This is my first year, my brother’s third, my dad’s fourth and my Uncle David’s seventh time riding. This year we will be riding together. I’m so thrilled to get on the rode with Ride The Rockies.

Training so far has been great! A few rides have been very, very boring. But overall, most of them have been fun. Training started in February. We started out with “Base One.” Base One was mostly just riding inside on a bike trainer and riding flats. If you don’t know what a bike trainer is, it is a contraption you hook up to your bike so you can ride inside. Next up was “Base Two.” This consisted of riding in the foothills. We rode up lake dams, and hilly countryside. Finally is “Base Three,” I am currently on base three. We are doing big climbs now. Just recently my dad, brother and I biked up Carter Lake dam, which is not at all difficult, then we rode up Pole Hill Road. Pole Hill Road is up near Pinewood reservoir and the climb is extremely steep. My dad said it may be the steepest climb I will ever do. It makes sense because it was steep! Thankfully the climb was only about three miles and we ate snacks at the bottom, that always helps. I hope our training pays off!

While training, we have seen; birds, flowers, farm animals, trees, rivers, and so many other things. My favorite animal is a llama and whenever we ride by them I get so happy. Sometimes we even stop to visit the animals. I have also learned that my favorite bird is a Magpie. When we climbed up pinewood I could hear bullfrogs croaking and that was so peaceful. Riding on a shaded road with large willow trees towering over your head and a little, sparkling stream rushing below you, you just feel such a sense of awe. Biking has been a wonderful way for me to get out and see new places, make new experiences, and be in nature.

I am very excited for Ride The Rockies. Like I said before, I can’t wait to make new experiences and see new places. My family always talks about how fun it is and they tell lots of stories. I am though, extremely nervous. I am worried that it will be too difficult for me. But hey, what do I have to lose? Overall, I am way more excited than nervous.

I am happy to be following in my family footsteps and ride on the Ride The Rockies 2018 route. I honestly can’t wait to have done it for my first time. I also can’t wait to brag to my friends and have awesome leg muscles but, we’ll talk about that some other time. Training has been fun and I think Ride The Rockies will be also. See you then!

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