Training Notes:

May 06- Lynx way is one of several connecting roads that create a challenging climb that we just call Mile High. I’m here grinding my way up on a hairpin reaching 18% in spots. The weather is in the low 40’s but dry, so we ride! The top of Brownie rewards us with a terrific view of the Eagle River Valley. Still lots of snow!

May 13- Amonsen road has become a “destination” climb for our group with sections again reaching 18% grade. It has good 6% recovery sections to ease the pain as you can see from my smile! And there is finally a hint of green on the trees. Temps in the high 40’s low 50’s, but always warm when climbing.

May 20- Back to Amonsen for another hill climb and then toward the inlet for some gradual rolling hills and distance riding. Temps in the 50s and the vegetation is greener yet.

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