Firecracker 5k

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Day 1 went great, it was difficult but we had fresh legs and cranked up those passes that day. Day 2 is where the elevation/ under-training started to hit me. Between the altitude, dehydration and those INSANE rolling hills, by the end of the ride I was exhausted. But days 3 and 4 have gone really well!

I’ve enjoyed the scenery and going through these little towns this week. I’ve also enjoyed going back through a few of the rides we did in 2016. The difference between the 2 sides of Fremont pass was crazy- I remember the first time I did Fremont in 2016, I looked at the hill we had to climb and thought about getting off my bike and walking up. Needless to say the side of the pass we did this year went much better.

I’m excited to see what the next couple of days bring!!


Late Wednesday—June 13

Our ride from SteamBoat Springs to Grand Lake was the most anticipated and welcomed day of the ride. I have never been to SteamBoat Springs or seen the surrounding areas. RTR is my way of experiencing all the special places in Colorado. I have enjoyed during this ride seeing my 21 year old daughter and 18 year old son thrive and grow strong. I am no longer waiting at aid stations looking for them to catch up. They are now waiting for me and now can carry the burdens of life and themselves. They have grown very strong.

They also know that the hard things like a like a long slog up Rabbit Ears Pass come with beautiful views and majestic gliding down to Kremmling. It is a nice moment when you realize that your children have what they need to be successful. It is important to do hard things.

This week is a story of unforgettable experiences. It is nice when life is just perfect! It is also nice when the sweat, toil, and enthusiasm create strength and confidence. These will help you getting through the hard times—and the hard times do come.

Here is a shout to Terry. I met her at the last Aid Station on final approach to Grand lake. She is a long time RTR enthusiast. Her enthusiasm for RTR stems from a loving relationship with her father who passed away. Terry said her father did 14 RTR Tours; and their experiences together gave them a special bond. I conveyed to her that I was sorry about the passing of her father and also conveyed that I knew they had a strong loving bond. It was obvious that they had a special relationship, and Ride The Rockies was a big part of it! I am sure that Terry’s father in the Heavens above felt the same way I did this past week. She is strong and has the fortitude that she needs. He would be proud of her — just as I was proud of my children.

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