Rick Fouts – Tales From the Ride

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I’m always a bit nervous about day one of any RTR tour, wondering if I will have difficulty with any of the various conditions that exist. Altitude, grade, distance and even the condition of my bike. Did I remember to bring everything?

I managed to have all in order with the exception of bringing a pair of shorts for after the days ride. I think I may have been the only one in jeans, which is a good thing as my extra white Alaska legs may not be ready for the general public.

I found that the indoor training and the hill climbing back home were enough to handle day one without too much difficulty. A good day in the saddle and the weather was the usual cooperative Colorado that I remember.

Day 2 involved some mixed feelings for me as I approached State Bridge. I always stop there to remember a fellow cyclist who in 1993 had a bad accident on the bridge. He succomed to his injuries the following year. The days ride for me is in remembrance of Larry McLaughlin, but also to celebrate the fellowship of all who ride.

Day 3. The loop. I have had the opportunity to enjoy this ride in the past and it never disappoints.  It was real nice to sleep in, take a little extra time to prepare for the day and just spin.  It was a nice relaxing ride and the minimal traffic was an extra bonus.

I’m still trying to get used to the heat as my training was taking place in the 40 and 50 degree temperatures.
Looking forward to the remaining day’s rides!