Randie Polidori

Kim Sharp-LeybaPeak Pedalers 2019

Training this year is a problem for me because for most of the month of May I will be in Israel and Jordan with no opportunity to bicycle or do any aerobic exercise. For that reason I will tell you how I would normally train.
First, I try to maintain a basic level of fitness during the off bicycle season. In the off season I try to do a bicycle ride outside (if weather permits) or spin class (if weather is bad) twice a week. I also do a weight class which includes leg strength twice a week. I also hike or snowshoe once a week. I generally try to do some kind of exercise 6 days a week. I always take a day completely off to recover.
About six or more weeks before Ride the Rockies I increase my bicycle rides to at least three time a week to rides of 40 to 70 miles each with 3500 feet or more of elevation gain, increasing the difficulty each week. At this time I eliminate any leg strength training as I think it fatigues my legs. However, I continue with core weight training. I also eliminate hiking. I also am sure to do a day or two of recovery each week. Recovery days are particularly important when you are as old as I am.
The week before Ride the Rockies I do only a couple of rides of shorter duration and intensity, terminating all outside riding three days before the event. The day before the ride I do some quick spinning with very little tension on an indoor stationary bicycle for about 20 minutes. That’s it. Simple, but it works for me.
This year I don’t have any opportunity to train in Israel or Jordan. I am concerned that I will lose fitness. Some experts say that after as little as three weeks without any physical exercise you can lose a significant amount of fitness. I have a list of body weight exercises that I can do in my hotel room, but there will be no opportunity for endurance training. The one day option should be ideal for me. I will have the opportunity for a couple of rides when I return from Israel and Jordan which will give me the opportunity to readjust to altitude and get a little strength back.
Hoping for good weather. See you on the road.