Steve Carter

Kim Sharp-LeybaPeak Pedalers 2019

Hello again everyone. I hope your training is going great so far for RTR. Down in Texas, training continues as normal. I have over 4000 miles on the bike this year and a ride streak of at least 30 minutes, every day since October 29, 2018. Not sure if this is or will be enough because I have not done RTR before, but I do believe frequent training sessions that maintain some intensity will help me conquer this new challenge. The trick is to not over train and allow my body time to recover between each ride. On 17 May, 2019 I retired from the Air Force after 21 years of service and this decision has provided me additional time to train and more importantly prepare myself mentally. To prepare for RTR, I’ll be traveling up from Texas solo the week prior. My current plan is to ride every day in different areas of Colorado to help me acclimate to the elevation. This will be the most challenging part of RTR for me. I can climb just fine, but climbing in thin air will be a completely new experience. As the event gets closer, I get more and more excited and hope the weather holds up for us. Not only am I motivated to ride Colorado’s beautiful country side, but sharing the experience with fellow Air Force friends and other awesome cyclists from all over the country/world has me counting down the days for this epic adventure.