Below is a link to a google map that is available to all 2023 Ride The Rockies participants. Here you will find hotels, camping ride HQ, entertainment details, and shuttle stops for each of our towns. Please scroll on the left hand side to the town you are looking for and click on the icon and it will bring you to the location, you may also use the search function to find what you are looking for. Shuttle stops for each town are also displayed as the bus icon, there are none for Fort Collins because our shuttles will be taking you to every hotel booked! For other towns the shuttle stops are located in close proximity to the hotels booked. We understand lots of riders are staying in Winter Park for the Grand Lake day, there will be shuttles that take you from Grand Lake HQ to the designated stops in Winter Park and then back the next day to start the ride. Please note you must have the Google Maps app downloaded or be on a desktop to load the map.

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