Now that registration is open and the route is released, it’s time to delve into what makes this route unique, challenging, and a ride you’ll want to be a part of. Going with the western theme, the 2024 Ride The Rockies route showcases parts of Colorado and the Rockies that don’t receive as much attention as other areas. Not only are there some places that RTR has never been before, but there are also gravel options that will be brand new to the ride. Let’s get to it!

Overall, this route features some of the best-paved and quietest roads in Colorado. When driving the route in November and December of last year, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect the conditions are for road cycling. The roads dip and weave through cliffy landscapes and quiet towns. The shoulders are wide, and the traffic is slim to none. You will feel safe and comfortable on each day of the route to ride as freely as you like. Let’s delve into each day of this ride and what’s in store.

One of my favorite parts of this route is that it starts off in Steamboat Springs, Bike Town USA. An iconic Colorado town where cycling is rooted in their culture and history. Day one to Craig will be a perfect warm-up day for the route, but make no mistake, this will not be a walk in the park day. You will ride sixty-six miles, passing through the towns of Oak Creek and Hayden, with a total elevation gain of +3595′.

Day two to Meeker will be much similar to day one in terms of mileage and total elevation gain. However, this day of riding will showcase those perfect roads I mentioned earlier. This day will head south through the towns of Hamilton and Axial and will summit Ninemile Gap! Another day of solid riding and ending in a new overnight community to RTR.

Meeker to Rangely will be a great ‘break day,’ if you will. A short 58-mile day with some awesome gradual descents to give your legs the break they need for the next two days to come. Enjoy the gorgeous western scenery and vast landscapes while you breeze to Rangely. This is a great day to enjoy all of the festivities and entertainment Rangely has to offer once in town, and make sure to rest up for an iconic day of RTR the next day.

DINOSAUR NATIONAL MONUMENT DAY! We are so excited to be bringing you this unique day of riding; it will be Ride The Rockies’ first time offering a fully supported gravel option. Day four will offer three different routes: a short, long, and gravel option for riders to choose from. With the short route at 84 miles and the long over a century, whatever you choose will come with a challenge. There are very punchy steep climbs, quiet, well-paved roads without traffic, and views that you won’t get anywhere else. The steep, rocky, cavernous landscape and rich history of this monument will make for a day you’ll never forget.

Following this epic day through Dinosaur National Monument comes another challenging day of riding with another gravel option. This gravel option is a whopping 103 miles with +6576′ elevation gain, with an intense summit over Baxter Pass. The road option for this day is no walk in the park either; you will ride 79 miles with over 4,000 feet of elevation gain. You’ll summit Douglas Pass, which is just over 8,000 feet. What makes this day special are the views. The scenery throughout this route is breathtaking, and the views from the top of the pass will wow you. They are unique and pristine and are an absolute highlight of this entire tour. You’ll finish the route right into Downtown Fruita and spend one last night before our final day.

COLORADO NATIONAL MONUMENT DAY! This is going to be a fun one. An incredible last day of riding through one of Colorado’s most iconic and beautiful monuments. A short 40-mile day packed with some great climbs and even better views. You’ll ride out of Fruita through the monument and finish in the heart of Downtown Fruita with a great after-party to seal things off. This cycling town has so much to offer; we will have local vendors, yoga, beer, and great food as a treat for all those hard-earned miles. We couldn’t have asked for a better spot to wrap up 2024 Ride The Rockies.

Our team is stoked to bring you so much variety in this route and take you places that RTR has never been before. This route will provide you with some of the safest and best-paved roads you can find, and it will bring you to places you are not able to ride on your own. Two optional gravel sections, two national monuments, and over 400 miles of riding through Western Colorado. Embrace the western spirit, train hard, and come join us in June for an unforgettable ride!

Check out some pictures below from the route!