Hotels & Motels

Hotel services at Ride The Rockies will start closing on April 15, 2022: Summit Cycle Solutions has attained thousands of lodging units for the 2022 tour.

Quality, price, and location all vary. Selections are made via the online booking platform. All services/products are booked “a la carte” allowing the participant to determine his/her preferences.

Bus service to and from hotels is included as part of the registration fee with Ride The Rockies (no additional costs) and only service Hotels/Motels/B&B that are part of the SCS booking platform. Bus services to lodging properties will be strictly monitored in 2022. Please pick up your S.C.S. priority bracelet at packet pick up.

Additional information can be found on S.C.S. website

S.C.S. has real time communication services to all their customers. They will receive text alerts, onsite customer service, and an active 24/7 urgent matter phone line.