Crossing the Line

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The joy of finishing Ride The Rockies was tempered by the thoughts of people working on fire lines in the state. Closing ceremonies acknowledged their work and commitment. The final day concluding in Colorado Springs brought an expectation of more cars, more traffic lights and a more urban experience. It turned out that the ride ended quickly on the west … Read More

Running with the Pack

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Two days complete and I am impressed by the courtesy being displayed by riders on this year’s tour. Our departure from Telluride started with immediate climbing to the top of Lizard Head Pass. Cyclists climbing with very different speeds were continually passing around, between, and beside each other. I heard only a few polite warning announcements before passing and only … Read More

Remember to pack my brain

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Chilled, bonked, and cramping. As I left the aid station to complete the second half of the Elephant Rock ride on Sunday, I couldn’t hold back a semi-delirious chuckle at myself. I was laughing at the irony that I so carefully packed my mobile phone in a water-proof baggie and set up my ride-tracking app, yet I must have left … Read More

Bridging the Gap

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Summertime in Colorado brings so many great traditions, among them Ride The Rockies. Another summer tradition seems to be media trying to provoke tensions between cars and bicycles on our roads. This year’s RTR crosses one of world’s highest suspension bridges over the Royal Gorge, but there is another gap that bicyclists need to cross: We need to do our … Read More

Introducing: The Advocate

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“What Colorado needs is a lot fewer bicyclists on the roads…” Blissfully naive. That described me ten years ago, heading into my first experience testifying at the state legislature in support of better bicycle laws. Riding bicycles improves people’s health, reduces congestion and helps households save money. Why wouldn’t everyone want more bicycling? I found out quickly that love for … Read More