The Final Peak

kleybaAndrea James, Peak Pedaler

Day One: Dodging Angels: Alamosa to Pagosa Springs: 93 Miles It wasn't the altitude that got this girl on the first day, it was the endless climb. The tendon on the outside of my knee had started screaming and was demanding attention and release from its constantly contracted state of being. But I kept climbing and stopping and climbing. I ... Read More

Mountain Memories!

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Holy Moly! This past week has been about the most fun I've ever had on a bike! As a retired Gator from Florida, I had a LOT of anxiety about Thin Air and 10+ mile climbs, since we can't practice for that stuff around the Everglades. But hey, Love Shack Dave and I managed to crawl over every dang one ... Read More

New Nickname

kleybaPeak Pedaler, Steve Ast

A good nickname is not only fitting but also known by the masses. On the route today between Montrose and Gunnison I was feeling beat down by the wind, the hills, and the cumulative affects of nearly a week in the saddle, amongst other things. I was passed by fast cyclists and slower ones. I was passed by single bikers ... Read More

The Home Stretch

kleybaPeak Pedaler, Steve Ast

I'm not gonna lie. Yesterday's stage from Durango to Ridgway was hard. It took me 7 hours and 30 minutes of riding time to complete it, and ten hours total if you count my rest time. And yet it was everything I hoped for. When I signed up for RTR I knew that Day 4 was "the day". My training ... Read More

Montrose and Pies

kleybaMichael Thornton, Peak Pedaler

Montrose Pie Ladies, I love all the fruit pies you offer RTR riders. Falling asleep last night after a more hellish day than last year's Copper Triangle - 20 miles and 2000 more feet of elevation - I dreamt you wouldn't be at the fair today. This is my sixth Ride, third stop in Montrose, so I've come to expect ... Read More

Mountain Madness!

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Breathtaking! Wednesday's route from Durago to Ridgway was the most spectacular day of cycling that Love Shack Dave and I have ever experienced!! No lie. Sure, the climbs were challenging for this Florida Flatlander, but the scenery! Dave and I were awestruck as each bend in the road revealed more incredible views! Heck, even the Aid Station locations, like the ... Read More

Steeple Chase Over Wolf Creek Pass

kleybaMichael Thornton, Peak Pedaler

Hope all you Flatlanders and Midwest gals and guys enjoyed Sunday's steeple chase over Wolf Creek Pass. We broke camp about 6 am and this #RetireeBookie was on the road by 7, a full 45 before the rest of my entourage. We typically choose playing field spots as far away from other campers as possible, not because we're misanthropes, but ... Read More

Day 1: Mountain Mayhem

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! That was my reaction when I saw the ride profile for the 1st day out of Alamosa. I get wanting to have a solid ride with climbing to kick things off, but did the organizers really think it was necessary for the first 68 miles to be uphill right out of the gate? Is a Day 1 ... Read More

Spoke’n Wheels

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler, Prep

“I’d go with the 32. You’ll want a bailout gear on those long climbs,” Jason explained to me over the phone. I was calling from swampy Florida and needed some serious help on equipment recommendations for Ride the Rockies. I was pretty sure that my current setup would assure agony in the mountains. I was getting lots of advice from ... Read More