Team: #NeverAgain

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Three Ride The Rockies tours, and our team finally picked a name: #NeverAgain. We always say it. “Next time we are going to Disneyland!” And yet somehow we always end up on the side of a mountain, cursing our legs and suffering together. I have found that when you are an irrational glutton for punishment, it is good to have … Read More

Happiness is…

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So here we are, fellow riders. Facing down the last day of Ride The Rockies. Are we tired? Yes. In agonizing pain? Naturally. Yet I look around and say we are collectively pretty happy. And that must be the mark of a successful week. I see the weary faces and sunburned calves. I know that I’m not the only one … Read More

Adventure is a Choice

Renaissance DaughterLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler

I think we can all agree that Sunday was an adventure. A great story. Mine goes like this: “Well I was PRACTICALLY over Berthoud when the highway patrol forced me to turn back. Only after they subdued me with nightsticks and threatened to arrest me, did I agree to wait in Empire.” You can’t prove that I wouldn’t have made … Read More

The Renassiance Dad

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re·nais·sance – From Old French renaistre: To be reborn. Rebirth. Revival. A period of new growth or activity. My dad Greg is in the midst of a renaissance, and he’s wearing it well. Watching him take up cycling has been a joy, and sharing in the ride is even better. For years Greg has worked. Not just punching a clock, … Read More

My Body: Your Cautionary Tale

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Trivia: What is the average age of a Ride The Rockies Participant? Ok, admittedly I don’t know. But it’s not 19. Chances are, you’re hovering near middle age. And if you reach your glorious midlife on a bike, adventuring through the Rockies, your previous years, like mine, were probably the epic type, the kind that did some damage to the … Read More

Let Me Help You Help Me

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Support staff!

Maybe you would legitimately ride 473 miles through the Rocky Mountains alone. You’d pack gear on your bike and water upon your back. You’re a mechanic, survivalist, and (be honest) a total loner. If so, great. But I’m afraid we’ll have nothing to talk about over coffee, you and me. I couldn’t ride past my own driveway if my husband … Read More

A Guide to Bonking

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I’m somewhat of an expert in dehydration and glycogen depletion.  It takes a special kind of idiot to let it happen repeatedly, as I have. Not to brag. The condition has many names: bonking, hitting the wall, hunger knock (it’s British), and blowing up. It’s like running a car out of gas. Except worse, because you can’t immediately refuel. Your … Read More

Who runs the show?

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If you read women’s magazines, you’ll recognize the phrase: “listen to your body.” It’s used in a variety of contexts, and is supposed to empower women to highly prioritize their physical needs. Those offering this super helpful tip, always seem to be wagging their ignorant fingers in my face. I’m looking at you, Oprah. “Listening to my body,” implies that … Read More

Introducing: The Renaissance Daughter

Renaissance DaughterPeak Pedaler

I’m a former Denver resident and recovering lawyer who misses the mountains on the daily. I’m also a full time mom, the wife of a competitive road cyclist, a runner and part time writer. I last participated in RTR in 2008; while (unknowingly) pregnant with my first child. Three kids later, I ride to provide an example for my children, care … Read More