Bike Shipping

Ship your bike with our official shipping partner Their flexible bicycle shipping service makes it easy to find rates, create your round-trip or one-way shipment and print your label in just a few minutes. When it’s time to ship, securely attach your label to your bike box or case, and they can pick it up at your door. Their support team monitors your shipment and keeps you informed of its status. will make sure your bike is delivered to Durango.   From there you can opt to have you bike assembled or you can assemble it yourself.   The RTR Team will provide options for you for optional professional assembly or the tools you need to assemble it yourself.


Please contact directly to make arrangements.   Once you make the arrangements a detailed email will be sent to you.

Bike Assembly/Disassembly

Once your bike has arrived safely in Durango, VeloFix will be onsite to assemble your bike.

Nothing to stress about with VeloFix onsite!   VeloFix will professionally assemble it before the ride, then dissemble and repack it for shipping after the ride.

Please note you do not have to use to get the Bike Assembly/Disassembly service.  If you fly with your bike, you can also make the same arrangements.   Or if you are just shipping your bike back at the end of the Tour, you can also just purchase the Disassembly service.

Click here to purchase Bike Assembly/Disassembly Services

Bike Case Storage

If you have a bike case/box that needs storage for the week,  RTR can store them for the week for $20.    Please note that bike cases/boxes cannot be loaded on any luggage truck.  It is very important that you not put your bike case/box on a luggage truck.

Purchase Bike Case Storage for the Week.