Bicycle Rental

Each year on Ride The Rockies, numerous bicycle and bicycle component manufacturers travel with the Tour “demo-ing” their products.

This is your chance to get on a bicycle or ride a new set of wheels that you have dreamed of trying!

Here’s how it works:

Each day of the Tour (starting on Opening Day) visit one of our Demo partners at the Headquarters Site.

If it’s a bicycle manufacturer, they’ll select a bike that fits you, adjust the saddle height, put your pedals on the bike and send you on your way.

The next day, you ride the demo bike while the manufacturer transports your bicycle. If it’s a wheel or saddle maker, they’ll remove your wheels and/or saddle and install their product on your bike.

The next day, you’ll ride on the new demo wheels or saddle while the manufacturer transports your equipment.

After enjoying the demo bicycle or bicycle component for the day, you’ll return it to the demo partner.

Most of the manufacturers do not charge a fee, though they may require a deposit charge on your credit card to be refunded upon the return of the product. The product demos are very popular, so many of the manufacturers take advance reservations at their tents on Registration Day.

Check your mapbook for details.