Mountain Memories!

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Holy Moly! This past week has been about the most fun I've ever had on a bike! As a retired Gator from Florida, I had a LOT of anxiety about Thin Air and 10+ mile climbs, since we can't practice for that stuff around the Everglades. But hey, Love Shack Dave and I managed to crawl over every dang one ... Read More

Mountain Madness!

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Breathtaking! Wednesday's route from Durago to Ridgway was the most spectacular day of cycling that Love Shack Dave and I have ever experienced!! No lie. Sure, the climbs were challenging for this Florida Flatlander, but the scenery! Dave and I were awestruck as each bend in the road revealed more incredible views! Heck, even the Aid Station locations, like the ... Read More

Day 1: Mountain Mayhem

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! That was my reaction when I saw the ride profile for the 1st day out of Alamosa. I get wanting to have a solid ride with climbing to kick things off, but did the organizers really think it was necessary for the first 68 miles to be uphill right out of the gate? Is a Day 1 ... Read More

Spoke’n Wheels

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler, Prep

“I’d go with the 32. You’ll want a bailout gear on those long climbs,” Jason explained to me over the phone. I was calling from swampy Florida and needed some serious help on equipment recommendations for Ride the Rockies. I was pretty sure that my current setup would assure agony in the mountains. I was getting lots of advice from ... Read More

Easy Out!

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

“Easy out!” yelled Lanny as the light turned green and we clicked into our pedals and started rolling. So begins another group ride in southwest Florida, which are insanely fast, and my hoped for key to Ride the Rockies! We limit speeds on “easy” days to 22-25 MPH, and on “unlimited” days we often exceed 30 MPH. Yep, that’s what ... Read More

Meet Gator Greg

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Back in February in pancake-flat Florida it seemed like a good idea, but I’m now thinking that, um, Ride the Rockies might hurt a bit. I’ve read all about the distance, mountains, etc. and I’m pumped that I’m finally going to get my chance. But please help me understand Thin Air? Almost every comment on my Facebook page mentioned it: ... Read More