Montrose and Pies

kleybaMichael Thornton, Peak Pedaler

Montrose Pie Ladies, I love all the fruit pies you offer RTR riders. Falling asleep last night after a more hellish day than last year's Copper Triangle - 20 miles and 2000 more feet of elevation - I dreamt you wouldn't be at the fair today. This is my sixth Ride, third stop in Montrose, so I've come to expect ... Read More

Steeple Chase Over Wolf Creek Pass

kleybaMichael Thornton, Peak Pedaler

Hope all you Flatlanders and Midwest gals and guys enjoyed Sunday's steeple chase over Wolf Creek Pass. We broke camp about 6 am and this #RetireeBookie was on the road by 7, a full 45 before the rest of my entourage. We typically choose playing field spots as far away from other campers as possible, not because we're misanthropes, but ... Read More

Lookout Mountain Ride

kleybaMichael Thornton, Peak Pedaler, Training

Look Out Mountain: Mike HammerToe’s about to gain a foothold ‘round your radio towers. For Denver riders, Lookout Mountain outside Golden provides some close-by climbing, with about 2300’ of elevation gain from downtown. I first climbed it over 50 years ago, when I was in my teens, with a couple of school chums and a fellow paperboy two years older, ... Read More