Why, hello beautiful…

Ingrid MullerCulture, Gear, Peak Pedaler

There’s something about looking at a ridiculously expensive bike leaning against the wall of a dingy, cut-rate motel room that just feels a little dirty. I was sitting in a tiny, dark, airless room in Cortez, wondering whether I should put the bike in the bed and just take the floor for myself. After all, I didn’t want to ding … Read More

Fajitas are all in the family

Jeff ThomasCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

They say the sense of smell is a powerful trigger of memories. Each time Kathy and I roll our tandem into the lunch stop on the day’s RTR route, the aroma of grilling onions and peppers takes us back to RTR 2011. It was our first RTR, and our first extended bike tour on our tandem, period. Day 1 began … Read More

Climate Control and Team Cortez

Ingrid MullerCulture, Peak Pedaler, Weather

So 64 miles isn’t considered a long day by Ride The Rockies standards. And 3,000-feet-plus of climbing isn’t a huge climb. But if people were expecting an easy day on Monday’s route from Cortez to Durango, they were in for a nasty surprise. Because with temperatures reaching high into the 90s, any climb can become a tough climb, and a … Read More

Running with the Pack

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Two days complete and I am impressed by the courtesy being displayed by riders on this year’s tour. Our departure from Telluride started with immediate climbing to the top of Lizard Head Pass. Cyclists climbing with very different speeds were continually passing around, between, and beside each other. I heard only a few polite warning announcements before passing and only … Read More

Insider’s tips to camping comfortably

Ingrid MullerCulture, Peak Pedaler, Prep

Camping during Ride The Rockies takes a lot of effort, smart packing and a really good set of earplugs. I didn’t understand this when I did my first tour in 2005; I thought all I needed was a tent and I could just wing the rest. Not so, young grasshopper. In my case, it takes a few rough patches to … Read More

Bridging the Gap

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Summertime in Colorado brings so many great traditions, among them Ride The Rockies. Another summer tradition seems to be media trying to provoke tensions between cars and bicycles on our roads. This year’s RTR crosses one of world’s highest suspension bridges over the Royal Gorge, but there is another gap that bicyclists need to cross: We need to do our … Read More

A new beginning through cycling

Ingrid MullerCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Take a look at past articles about Ride The Rockies, and you’ll find there are common themes among many of the cyclists: overcoming odds, celebrating life, improving health, discovering hidden strengths. Extraordinary events have a way of bringing out the best in human nature, and Ride The Rockies is one of those extraordinary events. It demands rigorous training, strong resolve, … Read More

Introducing: The Advocate

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

“What Colorado needs is a lot fewer bicyclists on the roads…” Blissfully naive. That described me ten years ago, heading into my first experience testifying at the state legislature in support of better bicycle laws. Riding bicycles improves people’s health, reduces congestion and helps households save money. Why wouldn’t everyone want more bicycling? I found out quickly that love for … Read More

Cycling the Front Range Community

Michael OlivierCulture, Events, Peak Pedaler

The Horsetooth Reservoir in the Front Range just west of Fort Collins, CO

I still wear my Asheville Bicycle Racing Club (ABRC) kit whenever I go out on a training ride. Besides being a Hincapie kit that fits as if George himself were cradling you in his hands and pulling you along the wind-stricken roads north and east of town, it’s a great conversation starter. “Hey, you from Asheville? Asheville, NC? You know, … Read More