Training with Katrina

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My first few attempts to ride a bike around our neighborhood and a local 15 mile loop ended up with a few falls and scrapes, but I kept going. Next challenge: riding around other people! Tour de Houston in March was 60 miles, my longest ride so far. It went really well! I swerved a bit at first, but I ... Read More

Training with Kenyan

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Hello! My name is Kenyan Clarkson, I am a thirteen year old girl training for Ride The Rockies. This is my first year, my brother’s third, my dad’s fourth and my Uncle David’s seventh time riding. This year we will be riding together. I’m so thrilled to get on the rode with Ride The Rockies. Training so far has been … Read More

Who runs the show?

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If you read women’s magazines, you’ll recognize the phrase: “listen to your body.” It’s used in a variety of contexts, and is supposed to empower women to highly prioritize their physical needs. Those offering this super helpful tip, always seem to be wagging their ignorant fingers in my face. I’m looking at you, Oprah. “Listening to my body,” implies that … Read More

Another 33 miles? Sure!

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Which one was the Death Ride again? Was it the three-day bike endurancefest that overlapped briefly with day one of Ride The Rockies near Cortez? Or is it this bike tour, which baked under cloudless, 90-degree skies for three days? Is it this one in which riders caught sporadic, incomplete news about the wildfires, prompting rumors in the food lines, … Read More

Riding the Rockies Away from Home

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Taking second place.

I write this from the far corner of the fields in Durango, where I just helped put my kids to bed. The importance of it is A: they are back in Fort Collins, so it was done over the phone (which if you’ve never tried to hold a conversation with a 2.5 year old over the phone, I highly recommend … Read More

Day One: Lessons Learned

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Since I am (relatively) new to Colorado, my wife — a native of Fort Collins, CO — felt that I should experience more of Colorado than just the eight host towns and the numerous communities that we would roll through (or stop and rest in, as the case may be). She felt I needed to experience the I-70 corridor and … Read More

What biking has taught us about parenting

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It was one of those rare, springlike March weekends warm enough for a ride. Kathy and I hopped on our tandem, and our 15-year-old son, Joseph, clipped into his single bike. Destination: Castle Rock, about 45 miles from our Colorado Springs home. There, our daughter, our car and our bike carriers would be waiting to haul us back home. Our … Read More

Training to Be At Home

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One morning last week (the day before the – gulp – last snow of the season), despite the cool temperatures and impending storm, my 4yo son insisted on riding his own bike (which has never had training wheels, he will tell anyone) alongside me and his 2yo sister on the Xtracycle Radish. I encourage him to make his own decisions … Read More