Day One: Lessons Learned

Michael OlivierKids, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Since I am (relatively) new to Colorado, my wife — a native of Fort Collins, CO — felt that I should experience more of Colorado than just the eight host towns and the numerous communities that we would roll through (or stop and rest in, as the case may be). She felt I needed to experience the I-70 corridor and … Read More

Bridging the Gap

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Summertime in Colorado brings so many great traditions, among them Ride The Rockies. Another summer tradition seems to be media trying to provoke tensions between cars and bicycles on our roads. This year’s RTR crosses one of world’s highest suspension bridges over the Royal Gorge, but there is another gap that bicyclists need to cross: We need to do our … Read More

A new beginning through cycling

Ingrid MullerCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Take a look at past articles about Ride The Rockies, and you’ll find there are common themes among many of the cyclists: overcoming odds, celebrating life, improving health, discovering hidden strengths. Extraordinary events have a way of bringing out the best in human nature, and Ride The Rockies is one of those extraordinary events. It demands rigorous training, strong resolve, … Read More

Training to Be At Home

Michael OlivierKids, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

One morning last week (the day before the – gulp – last snow of the season), despite the cool temperatures and impending storm, my 4yo son insisted on riding his own bike (which has never had training wheels, he will tell anyone) alongside me and his 2yo sister on the Xtracycle Radish. I encourage him to make his own decisions … Read More

Introducing: The Advocate

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

“What Colorado needs is a lot fewer bicyclists on the roads…” Blissfully naive. That described me ten years ago, heading into my first experience testifying at the state legislature in support of better bicycle laws. Riding bicycles improves people’s health, reduces congestion and helps households save money. Why wouldn’t everyone want more bicycling? I found out quickly that love for … Read More

Introducing: The Flying Frenchman

Michael OlivierKids, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Born and raised in the flats of southeastern Michigan and aged like a Scottish ale for 16 years in the oak barrel forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I bought my first Bianchi Brava a few weeks after my (now 4yo) son was born so I could commute to work. Maybe it was the endorphin rush of being a new … Read More

Introducing: The Team

Jeff ThomasKids, Lifestyle, Love of the Game, Peak Pedaler

Kathy and I honeymooned on bikes, touring the leafy roads of Vermont. For nearly 30 years afterward, we would ride the neighborhood together, often with one of our three kids in the trailer. But I would ride epics alone. That’s a challenge of long rides on separate bikes: It can be tough to keep the group together. Stronger riders grit … Read More

Introducing: The Pedal Wench

Leslie ShapiroLifestyle, Peak Pedaler

I started cycling about 10 years ago, having been off the bike since college. When I was just starting out as a novice cyclist, I heard about an amazing adventure — Ride The Rockies — and my immediate goal was to become good enough to attempt that ride. My first RTR was in 2005, and I’ve been hooked ever since. … Read More