A Guide to Bonking

Renaissance DaughterNutrition, Peak Pedaler

I’m somewhat of an expert in dehydration and glycogen depletion.  It takes a special kind of idiot to let it happen repeatedly, as I have. Not to brag. The condition has many names: bonking, hitting the wall, hunger knock (it’s British), and blowing up. It’s like running a car out of gas. Except worse, because you can’t immediately refuel. Your … Read More

Remember to pack my brain

Dan GrunigNutrition, Peak Pedaler, Prep

Chilled, bonked, and cramping. As I left the aid station to complete the second half of the Elephant Rock ride on Sunday, I couldn’t hold back a semi-delirious chuckle at myself. I was laughing at the irony that I so carefully packed my mobile phone in a water-proof baggie and set up my ride-tracking app, yet I must have left … Read More

100 Miles of Nowhere

Leslie ShapiroNutrition, Peak Pedaler, Training

At the time, it seemed like a brilliant idea: Ride 100 miles in as small a loop as possible. Easy! And, it’s for charity. Awesome! But after 5 hours, with 15 miles still to go, my mental capacity was at broccoli level and dropping fast. I wondered – do those discarded candy wrappers on the putting green have any candy … Read More

Behold the lowly pretzel, superfood

Jeff ThomasEvents, Nutrition, Peak Pedaler, RTR News, Training

Living in the shadow of the PowerBar overlords, the pretzel is just about the perfect fuel for another hour on the road, according to dietician and Ride the Rockies veteran Jessica Lorning. “You have to maintain blood sugar. And you do that by eating carbohydrates,” Lorning told the RTR First-Time Rider meeting Monday at the Denver Athletic Club. The annual … Read More