Training with Rick

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Training Notes: May 06- Lynx way is one of several connecting roads that create a challenging climb that we just call Mile High. I’m here grinding my way up on a hairpin reaching 18% in spots. The weather is in the low 40’s but dry, so we ride! The top of Brownie rewards us with a terrific view of the … Read More

Ohio the Beautiful

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I train for RTR around Cleveland, Ohio either on streets that wind in and out of the Chagrin River Valley or on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. The Chagrin River Valley provides a variety of hills, including some steep ones. Approximately fifteen miles outside of the city of Cleveland, the Chagrin River Valley is a taste of the … Read More

RTR 2013: In Pictures

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It always takes a day or two to decompress from Ride The Rockies. My body’s a little beat up, my brain’s a little scrambled, and I usually spend a day or two wedged into the couch in a semi-coma, watching bad TV and waiting for feeling to return to my lower body. Then, I’ll look back through my pictures and … Read More

Final Approach

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You’re going to ride how far? When I first mentioned to my (ever-loving) wife that I wanted to do Ride the Rockies – weeks after we moved to Fort Collins, CO – her first response is, “You’re nuts.” In her defense, she was correct. I hadn’t really ridden since the previous summer as I spent all of my free time … Read More

My Favorite Fort Collins Weekday/End Rides

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Carter Lake

Occasionally, I get a morning off during the middle of the week. Mostly, however, my training rides — the real ones, where I strap my cycling shoes into my clipless pedals and push myself as far and as hard as time permits — are relegated to evenings and weekends. Trying to narrow down my favorite Fort Collins route is hard. … Read More