Training with the Christenson Family

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Justin Christenson March, April, and May so far have allowed for some great riding days. In my previous Ride The Rockies experience, my training in May was wiped out by snow and rain. This year has been so pleasant. I have really struggled to get into biking shape again. I have not rode my road bike since the 2016 Ride … Read More

Training with Katrina

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My first few attempts to ride a bike around our neighborhood and a local 15 mile loop ended up with a few falls and scrapes, but I kept going. Next challenge: riding around other people! Tour de Houston in March was 60 miles, my longest ride so far. It went really well! I swerved a bit at first, but I ... Read More

Training with Rick

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Training Notes: May 06- Lynx way is one of several connecting roads that create a challenging climb that we just call Mile High. I’m here grinding my way up on a hairpin reaching 18% in spots. The weather is in the low 40’s but dry, so we ride! The top of Brownie rewards us with a terrific view of the … Read More

Training with Max & Maria

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It’s spring in Fruita Colorado where we live, and Ride the Rockies is only six weeks away! It’s been absolutely perfect weather for bike riding. Max and I have been trying to get out almost every day. We wake up and hop on the tandem. Sliding a picnic lunch into our panniers we head out of our driveway and up ... Read More

Spoke’n Wheels

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“I’d go with the 32. You’ll want a bailout gear on those long climbs,” Jason explained to me over the phone. I was calling from swampy Florida and needed some serious help on equipment recommendations for Ride the Rockies. I was pretty sure that my current setup would assure agony in the mountains. I was getting lots of advice from ... Read More

Bye Bye Bike!

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Who else has had it?  I’m 100% pau! (this is how you say “done” in Hawaii. Pau! Sounds like pow.) It’s time. I’m ready. Let’s get this party started, the show on the road, the car in gear, etc.  There is nothing more to be done to make the Ride The Rockies event any easier.  I’ve climbed every freaking hill … Read More

When Good Rides Go Bad

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Wow, this whole bicycle thing is terrific. You’re chugging up the hills and coasting down the other sides. The pedals are going round and round and you’re clicking off the miles. Life is good. The finish line in Colorado Springs is practically in sight. Then, suddenly, disaster strikes! Your tire makes a hissing sound, your spokes make a pinging sound, … Read More

Final Descent

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To paraphrase the great, late John Denver: “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m standing here outside your door, I hate to wake you up…but COME ON ALREADY, LET’S GO! I WANT TO RIDE!” I started packing last weekend, a full week out from the start of Ride the Rockies. If you include my packing/purchasing list, I … Read More

Packing Tips: What Not to Forget

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There are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind goes grocery shopping with a shopping list. Within this group are subsets: there are those who alphabetize the list, and those who sort the items according to aisle number. The second kind of people don’t need no stinkin’ list. Furthermore, they like to think up all kinds of … Read More

Insider’s tips to camping comfortably

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Camping during Ride The Rockies takes a lot of effort, smart packing and a really good set of earplugs. I didn’t understand this when I did my first tour in 2005; I thought all I needed was a tent and I could just wing the rest. Not so, young grasshopper. In my case, it takes a few rough patches to … Read More