Ohio the Beautiful

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I train for RTR around Cleveland, Ohio either on streets that wind in and out of the Chagrin River Valley or on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. The Chagrin River Valley provides a variety of hills, including some steep ones. Approximately fifteen miles outside of the city of Cleveland, the Chagrin River Valley is a taste of the … Read More

The Road Not Taken… Taken

Leslie ShapiroPeak Pedaler, Scenery

Signing up for Ride The Rockies always includes a few unknowns. What will the weather be like? Will there be headwinds or tailwinds? How will my legs feel after a few days on the road?  How will other body parts feel after a few days on the road? One thing that seems set in stone is the route. However, the … Read More

RTR 2013: In Pictures

Ingrid MullerPeak Pedaler, Photos, Scenery

It always takes a day or two to decompress from Ride The Rockies. My body’s a little beat up, my brain’s a little scrambled, and I usually spend a day or two wedged into the couch in a semi-coma, watching bad TV and waiting for feeling to return to my lower body. Then, I’ll look back through my pictures and … Read More

Close Climbs to Denver

Sherry SchulzPeak Pedaler, Scenery, Training

Each of us want to try and get as much climbing as possible done before the big tour–but it isn’t always easy to get way up there in the mountains for good climbing. Late-season snowfall adds an extra layer of challenge. With limited hours in the day (and limited days before the start of the tour), here are some scenic … Read More