Training with the Christenson Family

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Justin Christenson March, April, and May so far have allowed for some great riding days. In my previous Ride The Rockies experience, my training in May was wiped out by snow and rain. This year has been so pleasant. I have really struggled to get into biking shape again. I have not rode my road bike since the 2016 Ride … Read More

Training with Katrina

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My first few attempts to ride a bike around our neighborhood and a local 15 mile loop ended up with a few falls and scrapes, but I kept going. Next challenge: riding around other people! Tour de Houston in March was 60 miles, my longest ride so far. It went really well! I swerved a bit at first, but I ... Read More

Training with Rick

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Training Notes: May 06- Lynx way is one of several connecting roads that create a challenging climb that we just call Mile High. I’m here grinding my way up on a hairpin reaching 18% in spots. The weather is in the low 40’s but dry, so we ride! The top of Brownie rewards us with a terrific view of the … Read More

Training with Kenyan

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Hello! My name is Kenyan Clarkson, I am a thirteen year old girl training for Ride The Rockies. This is my first year, my brother’s third, my dad’s fourth and my Uncle David’s seventh time riding. This year we will be riding together. I’m so thrilled to get on the rode with Ride The Rockies. Training so far has been … Read More

Training with Max & Maria

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It’s spring in Fruita Colorado where we live, and Ride the Rockies is only six weeks away! It’s been absolutely perfect weather for bike riding. Max and I have been trying to get out almost every day. We wake up and hop on the tandem. Sliding a picnic lunch into our panniers we head out of our driveway and up ... Read More

Lookout Mountain Ride

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Look Out Mountain: Mike HammerToe’s about to gain a foothold ‘round your radio towers. For Denver riders, Lookout Mountain outside Golden provides some close-by climbing, with about 2300’ of elevation gain from downtown. I first climbed it over 50 years ago, when I was in my teens, with a couple of school chums and a fellow paperboy two years older, ... Read More

Meet Heart Transplant Guy

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Seems like #GatorGreg and I have one thing in common... our love for adventure (and maybe self-torture depending how the ride goes!) I’m a first time rider, mostly because I never had the physical ability to do this before. To bring you up to speed, on October 21, 2016, I received a heart transplant. I’m one of the lucky ones. ... Read More

Rest and relaxation

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I was meeting with personal training clients who were asking about how they should eat after a workout to ensure they get the max gains for their work. Then the idea clicked: shouldn’t everybody on Ride The Rockies get these tips? I mean, six days of extreme working out requires that each day we are all at our strongest. These … Read More

Show Me the Money

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“I don’t feel like a finely tuned athlete,” commented my husband recently in regard to RTR. I don’t either. I have actually caught myself thinking on more than one occasion that I will get into shape ON THE RIDE. Of course I know that is not how it works. The past month has been dedicated to one thing, fundraising. My … Read More

Ten Commandments of Cycling

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“My dear boy”, Coach Aldo Safalcin said to me, looking me up and down, “No matter what your size, you can be a better cyclist. You just have to remember a few things.” He’s really quite a character, and I was there to learn his “Ten Commandments of Cycling”. Coach Aldo’s website quotes him as saying “Cycling knowledge and experience … Read More