Doing Double Duty

Michael OlivierEvents, Peak Pedaler, Training

The Question: Am I Strong Enough? As a stay-at-home dad – and someone who is constantly working on “projects” from home-made panniers to quilts to furniture building to cooking to making my son dragon wings – I am constantly finding ways to maximize my limited time in the saddle. My first step was buying the Xtracycle Radish (and it’s predecessor, … Read More

Close Climbs to Denver

Sherry SchulzPeak Pedaler, Scenery, Training

Each of us want to try and get as much climbing as possible done before the big tour–but it isn’t always easy to get way up there in the mountains for good climbing. Late-season snowfall adds an extra layer of challenge. With limited hours in the day (and limited days before the start of the tour), here are some scenic … Read More

What biking has taught us about parenting

Jeff ThomasKids, Peak Pedaler, Training

It was one of those rare, springlike March weekends warm enough for a ride. Kathy and I hopped on our tandem, and our 15-year-old son, Joseph, clipped into his single bike. Destination: Castle Rock, about 45 miles from our Colorado Springs home. There, our daughter, our car and our bike carriers would be waiting to haul us back home. Our … Read More

Get dirty: Why messy training is good training

Ingrid MullerPeak Pedaler, Training, Weather

Anyone who lives in Colorado knows the weather can change on a dime — sunny and 70 degrees one day, blizzard and 20 degrees the next. We received more than 50 inches of snow in April alone. It makes training a little … inconsistent, if you’re not an indoor-trainer sort of cyclist. Which I’m not. My fluid trainer is now … Read More

If you can’t get outside to ride

Jeff ThomasPeak Pedaler, Prep, Training

It would be nice if we actually had some spring weather to go with our RTR spring training. In Colorado, April’s cycling weather was pretty crummy, and so far May is doing a fine impression of February. Some of us will be lucky to get three weekends of outdoor training rides before we all head to Telluride. If you can’t … Read More

Behold the lowly pretzel, superfood

Jeff ThomasEvents, Nutrition, Peak Pedaler, RTR News, Training

Living in the shadow of the PowerBar overlords, the pretzel is just about the perfect fuel for another hour on the road, according to dietician and Ride the Rockies veteran Jessica Lorning. “You have to maintain blood sugar. And you do that by eating carbohydrates,” Lorning told the RTR First-Time Rider meeting Monday at the Denver Athletic Club. The annual … Read More

Training for hills (when life gives you pancakes)

Leslie ShapiroPeak Pedaler, Prep, Training

I remember the first time I was accepted into Ride The Rockies. The coveted letter from the Denver Post announcing, “Oh, Happy Day! You’ve been accepted!” triggered both joy and fear in me. As an out-of-state rider, would I be able to ride 500 miles, in the Rocky Mountains?!? I was thrilled to have made it through the lottery, and … Read More