New Nickname

kleybaPeak Pedaler, Steve Ast

A good nickname is not only fitting but also known by the masses. On the route today between Montrose and Gunnison I was feeling beat down by the wind, the hills, and the cumulative affects of nearly a week in the saddle, amongst other things. I was passed by fast cyclists and slower ones. I was passed by single bikers ... Read More

The Home Stretch

kleybaPeak Pedaler, Steve Ast

I'm not gonna lie. Yesterday's stage from Durango to Ridgway was hard. It took me 7 hours and 30 minutes of riding time to complete it, and ten hours total if you count my rest time. And yet it was everything I hoped for. When I signed up for RTR I knew that Day 4 was "the day". My training ... Read More

Meet Heart Transplant Guy

kleybaPeak Pedaler, Steve Ast, Training

Seems like #GatorGreg and I have one thing in common... our love for adventure (and maybe self-torture depending how the ride goes!) I’m a first time rider, mostly because I never had the physical ability to do this before. To bring you up to speed, on October 21, 2016, I received a heart transplant. I’m one of the lucky ones. ... Read More