Cycle Riders Lawyer Charging Tent

Stop by and drop off your electronic device while it charges.    The tent will be monitored from 10am – 8pm daily.   The process is easy.  You leave your phone.   We put it on a charger.  You collect it in a pre-determined time with a 2-hour time limit.  Your electronic device will never be unintended.  Over 100 units can be charged.  There is no cost but there will be a donation jar to benefit a local nonprofit in that community.    And Cycle Riders Lawyers will be there with some goodies so stop by and say hello!

Backroads Battery

Backroads Battery will provide you with a fully charged 10,000 mAh DELUXE Wireless battery each day of RTR 2020.  You will receive a fully charged battery and a wristband when you arrive at our booth at the Expo.  The wristband allows you to swap for a fresh fully charged battery each day of the trip. We will be stationed each day near Tent City in the host town from 4 PM – 8 PM.  Just look for our big yellow tent that says PHONE CHARGING.  At the end of the week, you keep the rechargeable battery.  

Each DELUXE battery has Qi Wireless Charging, a Quick Charge 3.0 port and a 2 Amp USB port,  to charge a myriad of devices.  A cable for recharging the battery is included.


PedalCell is the ultimate power source to keep bicyclists safe and connected by charging their essential USB devices. Batteries quickly run out of charge on long bicycle rides. Smartphones and bike computers struggle to last while using GPS with high brightness. Battery packs don’t perform in hot and cold temperatures, need charging, and degrade in as little as three months of outdoor use. PedalCell eliminates dead batteries on your phone, lights, GPS, battery pack, and nearly any other USB device. Its Generator converts your wheel motion into electricity. The power is transferred to our Smart Power Hub with two USB ports that can be mounted on the handlebars or in a bag. It allows you to keep charging your devices as long as you keep riding!

PedalCell uses patented technology to deliver stable charge at varying ride speeds. The product mounts on nearly any bike in minutes (except carbon rims) and is weather-resistant. PedalCell will outlast any battery outdoors with a 20X longer lifespan. PedalCell is reviewed to be up to 4X more powerful, offers ½ the drag per watt, and is ½ the price of generator alternatives. It is available at for $299.99. Never worry about a dead battery again with PedalCell!

PedalCell will be onsite for Ride The Rockies.  See if you can find them on the route riding and if not, they will be at HQ everyday.  They will offer demos if you want to check out PedalCell before you purchase.


There are electrical outlets in various locations throughout Headquarters.  If an outlet is not being used for an official capacity you are welcome to use it!  We encourage you to stay with your electronic devices while they charge.