Weeklong Opportunities

One of the best ways to be involved with Ride The Rockies without actually riding it is to be a part of our Crew!

RTR travels with a core Crew who help make this bike tour a success. The RTR Crew is a unique group; some of our most dedicated Crew members started only a few years ago, and others have more than 25 years under their belts!

Some of the benefits to being on the RTR Crew:

  • Lodging throughout the week, shared with a roommate.
  • $55 daily per diem for meals
  • Custom selection of Crew clothing to wear throughout the week – each crew member gets to choose the size and items they wish to wear
  • Crew members will be given a clothing stipend, any costs above the stipend will be the responsibility of the crew member.
  • Detailed instructions and training for each position.
  • Rental vehicle and/or fuel reimbursement
  • Great daily pay that increases with each year of service
  • The coolest way to see all of Colorado! Visit with the townspeople, drive on the side roads, and enjoy the view.
  • Spend the week with an amazing group of people, volunteers and cyclists alike!

Crew positions available:

  • Route focused:
    • Aid Station Truck Drivers: carry all the supplies for the Aid Stations
    • Signs & Route Marking: ensure proper safety and marking of the route
    • Course Marshals: guide cyclists about upcoming turns, hazards, and route direction
    • Water Truck: provides water at all aid stations and along the route  
  • Headquarter focused:
    • Baggage Crew: ensure proper transportation of cyclist luggage from town to town
    • Parking Liaison: oversees HQ parking with support by community volunteers
    • HQ Assistance – be available to venue staff for a variety of tasks such as information booth, merchandise booth, set-up, clean-up, etc.

    • Bike Corral – aid the paid security in checking bicycles out of the corral prior to the ride every morning.

    • Beer Garden – must be 21 or older, monitor the ingress and egress of the Beer Garden to ensure no under age entry

    • Signs – be responsible for the signs of each venue, as well as getting the proper information for and placement of White boards

Each crew member will be scheduled at least 6-8 hours per day. Hours will vary depending on the route length.

If you are interested or have any questions please use the button below and fill out our 2024 Ride The Rockies Crew form or contact us at info@ridetherockies.com!