Cycling Seminars

Ride The Rockies will feature a series of cycling seminars that highlight a particular, exciting topic relevant to the biking community. The series will be hosted by Olympic medalist and former pro racer, Ron Kiefel.

Cycling Seminars & Route Briefings

On 4 of the 6 days there will be a Cycling Seminar that is opened with a Route Briefing for the next day’s ride.   The USGS will also join us for a Q & A about some of the fun geological phenomenons that can be seen on the route such as the Finger Rock on Rte 131 that will be passed on Day 2.  There is a weather update so riders can begin to plan for the next day.   The cycling seminar program is a fun addition to any ride!

The Cycling Seminars/Route Briefings are held at 4:00pm at the Entertainment site each day

Day 1  Sunday, June 10, 2018

4:15pm USGS:  “Mountain Building & Finger Rock” – Debra Higley
4:30pm  Tour Director Route Briefing
5:00pm  “The Edge of Your Potential ”  – Mara Abbott, former pro-cyclist, USA Olympic cyclist, farmer, writer

Day 2 Monday June 11, 2018

4:15pm USGS  “Geologic Background” Tom Casadevall
4:30pm Tour Director Route Briefing
5:00pm  “Grit, Motivation & Stories from the Pro Peloton”  – Amy Charity, former pro-cyclist, author, BikeTown USA Executive Director

Day 4  June 13, 2018

4:15pm USGS  “Droughts and the 1500’s Mega Drought” – Paul Von Guerard
4:30pm Tour Director Route Briefing
5:00pm  “Repetitive Sports Injuries”  – Dr. David Richter, St. Anthony’s Hospital

 Day 5 Thursday, June 14, 2108

2:00pm Tour Director Route Briefing
2:15pm  “Go Gravel! Learning about what that means!” –  Experts from Parlee Cycles & Schwalbe Tires will answer your questions about Gravel Riding