Pedal Assist Bikes

Pedal Assist Bikes

Ride The Rockies does allow Class 1 Pedal Assist Bikes.   Please note the following if you are planning to ride a Class 1 Pedal Assist Bikes:

  • Rider is responsible for ensuring the bike is fully charged before starting each day
    • Please note that RTR cannot guarantee access to an outlet at HQ if you are doing outdoor or indoor camping. There is high probability of access but no guarantee
  • Rider is responsible for having an extra battery. They must travel with the battery on their bike OR send it to the Pedal Assist Battery Designated Aid Station (RTR will designate an aid station every day that is at the approximate midway point on that’s day route)
  • If Rider needs a SAG wagon, please note that not all vehicles can carry a Pedal Assist Bike due to the weight so there may be a longer wait

RTR will have specialized mechanics on the route and at HQ to assist with the specialized needs of Class 1 Pedal Assist bikes.

All individuals on Pedal Assist Bikes are required to follow the same safety rules and laws as everyone else.

Note from Tour Director:   I have received emails and notes from other cyclists saying that Pedal Assist Bikes are not what Ride The Rockies is about so to clarify that:  Ride The Rockies is to help raise funds for the Denver Post Community Foundation, provide an opportunity to showcase Colorado to individuals pedaling a bike, and leave a positive impact on local communities.   We encourage all riders to focus on their own ride and not the ride of others.   We welcome riders of all levels, abilities and on different bikes –  Class 1 Pedal Assist, recumbents, tandems, ellipitgo, road, hybrid, mountain, etc.  In 2019 we had 5 Pedal Assist Class 1 Bikes.

From a 2019 Rider:  Please continue allowing e-bikes.  My sister was an avid road cyclist until getting hit and run over by a truck, literally crushing her pelvis.  E-Bike is the only way she could have done the ride.  Many people made the assumption that she was cheating which was really hard to deal with.

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