Hotchkiss Homestay

If you are still looking for housing in Hotchkiss and do not want to travel to Montrose for a hotel, we encourage you to participate in the Hotchkiss Homestay program.    The residents of Hotchkiss are great hosts.   It is an easy process:

Buena Vista Housing Opportunity

The Ouren Family has generously offered B&B accommodations in Buena Vista for 2 to 4 participants on Monday, June 10th with all proceeds going to the Colorado High School Cycling League. After riding from Gunnison to Buena Vista, the Ouren’s welcome you to their lovely property located 1-mile northwest of downtown Buena Vista, a short ride or walk from downtown restaurants, breweries, and entertainment.

Accommodations include

      • Luggage Transfer
      • 2 Bedrooms
        • One – Queen-Size Bed
        • One – 2 Extra-Long Twin Beds
      • Laundry and Shower Facilities
      • Home-Cooked Pasta Dinner on Monday Evening
      • Breakfast Tuesday Morning

In an effort to raise money for the Colorado High School Cycling League this luxurious opportunity will be awarded to the highest bidder per room. Bid on 1 or both rooms depending on the size of your group.

To place your bid for the Queen-size accommodations, click HERE
To place your bid for the 2 XL Twin-size accommodations, click HERE

Buena Vista Short Term Rentals

There are some short term rentals available in Buena Vista (short term meaning 1 night!).   Please email Carole Vowell at the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce for a list.