2019 RTR Peak Pedalers

Meet Steve Carter
Hello, my name is “FairWeather” Steve and I love to ride bikes; in all conditions. My love began as a kid when I would ride all around my hometown in Michigan with friends. I have the fondest memories of finding hidden trails and feeling the freedom that comes with getting out of your house. After getting my driver’s license, the riding pretty much stopped and I didn’t look back. In 1998 I joined the Air Force right after high school and as I began my career away from home I picked up smoking and I halted almost all physical activity. Fast forward 16 years, I decided to quit smoking cold turkey and immerse myself in running. Unfortunately in late 2015 I took a running injury that forced me to switch up the fitness routine. This is when I rediscovered the joy of cycling. In early 2016 I was reassigned to Korea where I had to leave my wife and two kids behind for one-year. During this time …READ MORE

Meet Peter Deferse

Hi, my name is Peter Deferse and I’m 10 years old and my first RTR was last year and this year will my second. How I learned about RTR was because of Ms. Dee she was my bike team director. When she was my team director the Denver Post called her and they talked and she got hired to be the tour director of RTR & PtP. So she left the team and let us go to RTR then PTP they were both very fun and tiring.

How I’m preparing for RTR is by practicing with my team the Front Rangers Cycling Club, for road biking so I get better at riding on the road. Also I’m practicing with Avout Racing for mountain biking to get better at riding on big hills. Sometimes I do the Cherry Creek Time Trial which the road is so bumpy that it will prepare me for the road straps. Every Wednesday I do mountain bike practice and the best thing about up hills is I get to ride down them on the way back…READ MORE

Meet Paul Glynn and Michael Moriarty
The Green Peak Pedallers are an international combination of 12 cyclists from Ireland and California, everyone an RTR virgin. Whether we are 12 wise virgins or 12 foolish virgins remains to be seen ….hopefully everyone will reach each stage finish so that the rest won’t be borrowing oil for their lamps to go searching for the lost ones on some remote Rocky mountainside.
The link between the Irish and US members is Dublin based Paul “Titus” Glynn who has cycled with his California friends in recent years in the Levi Leiphemer Gran Fondo in Santa Rosa CA . The other common factor among many of the Irish group is that they all suffer from chronic middle age crises for which cycling provides some alleviation of symptoms while a longer term cure (or eternity) is awaited.
Whose big idea was this anyway?
While riding in the 2018 Levi Leiphemer and Paul Glynn met some cyclists who had participated in the Ride the Rockies event which prompted him to bring it to our attention on his return to Ireland. Not surprisingly , the idea of a week cycling in sunshine in the mountains of Colorado seemed a great idea as we approached the shorter duller days of the Irish winter and since it was a few months off, we were prepared to optimistically assume that we could train sufficiently to cope with altitudes that few of us have ever experienced never mind ridden through…READ MORE

Meet Elizabeth Philbin
I love the places bikes can take you. The climb is always worth it and the descent, even more so. Growing up outside of Detroit, Michigan, biking was primarily a form of commuting over to a friend’s house or to and from work. My biking was minimal and my bike knowledge even more limited. To me, gears just made the pedals go so fast your feet would fly off or too slow enough so you couldn’t go anywhere. Things changed quickly, when I landed in Crested Butte, Colorado working for the Adaptive Sports Center. The Adaptive Sports Center provides year round outdoor adventure programming for people with disabilities and their families. Soon, I picked up mountain biking and discovered that with gears, you can go up hills! In 2012, never having ridden a road bike before, I was thrown into my first Ride the Rockies as support member for our team of riders. My first road ride was over 75 miles with flat pedals and no chamois. And that’s how I ended up buying my first pair of chamois. I believe everyone should have access to the outdoors through sport no matter their ability or disability…READ MORE

Meet Randie Polidori
I am 76 years old and a retired District Court Judge. While I was working full time I never had time to train for a ride like Ride the Rockies. I’d taken a few bicycle trips with groups like Backroads, but those rides in no way had either the mileage or the elevation gain of Ride the Rockies. So when I became a part time senior judge, one of the first things I did was sign up for Ride the Rockies. I loved it. The way the towns in Colorado roll out the red carpet for the bike riders is really amazing. No commercial riding experience can compare. I’ve done a few more Ride the Rockies since and still love it. My biking experiences started late in life. At age 65 I decided to try bicycle racing and competed in a women’s 65+ category. I even won a few races. However, when the 65+ category was eliminated I was over 70 and just couldn’t compete with the younger generation. I still do the Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb and am the oldest woman competing in that event. Now I am doing more endurance rides. I have done a 1250 mile ride in North and South Dakota. Just last fall I did over 1000 miles in New England. However, my greatest cycling passion is Eyecycle, a non-profit organization, which gives blind or visually impaired persons the opportunity to ride on tandem bicycles with a sighted rider on the front of the tandem. I founded this organization after presiding over a case in my courtroom where a woman who had lost her sight due to diabetes was testifying that she hoped to be able to continue bicycle riding even though she had lost her sight. Eyecyle is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. (Eyecycle is always in need volunteers to ride on the front of a tandem with a visually impaired person on the back…READ MORE

Meet Michael and Cassie Thornton
After enrolling at Denver Seminary, I (Michael) moved to Colorado from Tennessee in the summer of 2013 in my 1995 2-door Toyota Camry with the rear suspension nearly maxed out from my life’s possessions in the back seats and my two bikes hanging off the back. I met Cassie the following summer, we were engaged that fall, and married that winter. The following winter the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers 24-10, prompting the owner of Tandem Cycle Works to run a sale on some of his tandems. Cassie and I had demoed a tandem from TCW a few months earlier and we then found ourselves skipping out of his Bronco-celebration-sale with a brand new, great entry-level road tandem bicycle made by Eugene, Oregon’s Co-Motion Cycles…READ MORE