Weeklong Opportunities

One of the best ways to be involved with Ride The Rockies without actually riding it is to volunteer!

RTR travels with a core group of volunteers who help make this bike tour a success. The RTR Volunteer Crew is a unique group; some of our most dedicated volunteers started only a few years ago, and others have more than 25 years under their belts!

Some of the benefits to volunteering:

  • Lodging throughout the week, shared with a roommate.
  • Meal coupons for the Community Meals in each town, and a small daily food stipend
  • Custom selection of Crew clothing to wear throughout the week – each volunteer gets to choose the size and items they wish to wear
  • Detailed instructions and training for each position. There will be 3 (three) pre-tour meetings, and one all-Crew, all-Staff orientation on June 7th in the start town
  • A fuel card to cover fuel costs during the Tour, sponsored by Suncor
  • CPR certified – RTR will set up CPR certification classes in the Denver area / reimburse up to $50 of a CPR certification class
  • The coolest way to see all of Colorado! Visit with the townspeople, drive on the side roads, and enjoy the view.
  • Spend the week with an amazing group of people, volunteers and cyclists alike!

Crew positions available:

  • Route focused:
    • Aid Station Captains: set-up, run, and break down Aid Stations so they cyclists can rehydrate, refuel, and rest every 10-15 miles
    • Aid Truck & Fruit Truck Drivers: carry all the supplies for the Aid Stations
    • AM / PM Signs & Route Marking: ensure proper safety and marking of the route
    • Course Marshals: guide cyclists about upcoming turns, hazards, and route direction
    • Green Team: support Ride The Rockies green initiative by supervising use of  3-stream waste management systems
    • Medical Liaison: provides excellent customer service to injured / sick cyclists and their families 
    • SAG Driver & Broom Wagon: support cyclists on the route by transporting those in need
    • Water Truck: provides water at all aid stations and along the route  
  • Headquarter focused:
    • Baggage Crew: ensure proper transportation of cyclist luggage from town to town
    • HQ Support – Beer Garden: makes sure beer garden is setup properly, with support from community volunteers
    • HQ Support – Team Manager: support Podium, Paceline, and Peloton teams
    • Parking Liaison: oversees HQ parking with support by community volunteers
    • Silent Auction: runs Denver Post Community Foundation traveling silent auction
    • Start / Finish Crew: set up / strike HQ in each town

Each volunteer will be scheduled at least 6-8 hours per day. Hours will vary depending on the route length.

If you have any questions please contact Dom Maderal, Volunteer Coordinator 303-954-6700 or email [email protected]