Hello! My name is Kenyan Clarkson, I am a thirteen year old girl training for Ride The Rockies. I think I will be an inspiring Peak Pedaler because I would love to have this amazing experience as a journalist. Although I am planning on being a zoologist or a wildlife biologist in the future, having the experience as a blogger/ journalist is a good way for me to be more observant and admire the wildlife.

I love going on bike rides because I love to be in nature and in cool environments in general. I also love taking pictures. While training for Ride The Rockies, I have finally figured out what my favorite bird is, a magpie. My family loves training together because we are all bikers. My grandpa, all my uncles, my aunt, and my cousins all have done Ride The Rockies.

I am very excited for Ride The Rockies. Like I said before, I can’t wait to make new experiences and see new places. My family always talks about how fun it is and they tell lots of stories. I am though, extremely nervous. I am worried that it will be too difficult for me. But hey, what do I have to lose? Overall, I am way more excited than nervous.

I am happy to be following in my family footsteps and ride on the Ride The Rockies 2018 route. I honestly can’t wait to have done it for my first time. I also can’t wait to brag to my friends and have awesome leg muscles but, we’ll talk about that some other time. See you then!