We want you to join us for Ride The Rockies, but understand that life gets in the way.

Refund requests must be submitted through email at [email protected] and the following processing fees will apply:

  • $7 for each individual day registration
  • $35 for weeklong rider registration
  • $121  for the full prologue experience
  • After April 15 – no refunds will be issued, regardless of the circumstances.


We will allow registration transfers this year! The assignment of numbers on the credentials coincide with the entry and waiver/release of liability that you signed, Ride the Rockies is not in the business of reselling credentials. The wristband credentials will be sent to the original owner. The transfer of money and credentials is between the two parties involved. The sale of ride credentials is a private transaction, and Ride the Rockies is not responsible for misunderstandings between the two parties, misplaced credentials, or the failure to transfer the credentials into the new owner’s name. The week-long credential items include a numbered wristband, bike band and baggage tag.
A resold credential will not be valid unless it is officially transferred in the Ride the Rockies registration system to the new owner before the event begins. This procedure not only transfers the wristband, but also the liability associated with it. To transfer a wristband, the new owner of the wristband must complete an online transfer form and submit waiver before the start of the ride in order to properly transfer the wristband to their name. If the online transfer form and waiver are not completed, the wristband and the liability for it will remain in the original purchaser’s name.

Steps To Selling Your Wristband(Or Buying A Wristband):

You will need to complete the steps below to officially transfer your wristband credentials to your buyer. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Step 1: The seller identifies a buyer and arranges the “sale” of the registration credentials. The credentials include a wristband, bike band and baggage tag.
Step 2: Once the seller and the buyer agree to the terms the seller must initiate the transfer in the EnMotive registration system to ensure the wristband number is transferred and the buyer signs the waiver. Failure to do this step renders the sale invalid to Ride the Rockies.
Step 3: To transfer the registration in EnMotive follow the steps below.

1. The seller goes to
2. Clicks login in the upper right-hand corner
3. Click “registrations” and find your registration tile in Upcoming Events
4. Click the 3 dots in the upper corner of your registration tile and select “Transfer registration”
5. Type in the buyer’s email address
6. An email will be sent to the buyer’s email (check your junk too)
7. The buyer has 48 hours to go through the transfer link, if it expires the seller we have to follow the steps above to resend the transfer link
8. The buyer clicks the transfer link to accept the transfer offer and then follows the steps of registration.
9. Once the buyer completes the transfer no further action is needed by either the seller or the buyer.
10. Transferred wristband numbers will be uploaded to the buyer’s registration daily at 2 pm CST. Follow the steps below for accessing your wristband number in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration packet will be sent to the seller (we have to do this to get registration packets out to all riders in time for the ride). The seller will need to arrange to ship their packet to the buyer once it is received.

How to access your wristband number: reminder transfer wristband numbers are uploaded daily at 2 pm CST.
1. Go to
2. Click login in the upper right corner
3. Scroll to Current and Upcoming Events
4. Click the blue Actions dropdown
5. Select View Registration
6. Your wristband number will appear here


Unfortunately, we will not be offering deferments to 2023. Currently we are not offering deferment refunds. Here is the statement provided to deferred riders in 2021, please see bolded section below:

“We want you to join us for Ride The Rockies but also
understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Refund
requests must be submitted via email to [email protected]

The following processing fees will apply:
• $275 Regular Tour / $450 Prologue Tour processing
fee for cancellations between April 17 to May 14,2022.*
• After May 14th,2022 – no refunds will be issued, regardless
of circumstances*
We will consider requests for deferments to 2022.*

However, please note that if you defer to 2022 and cannot do RTR in
2022 you cannot get a refund at that time”

*Note: This is not the current refund policy. Please refer to Refund portion section above

If you have a deferment from 2019-2021 please reach out to us at [email protected] to complete registration by May 1st, 2022. After this date we will no longer accept deferments.