Riding Medic

Ride Medics receive:

  • Medical kits – we provide first aid supplies in bike bags or fanny bags. Medics that prefer to bring back packs will be provided with first aid supplies
  • 2 Riding Medic Jerseys
  • Discounts for additional Primal Wear Medic attire
  • Registration assistance if needed
  • Discount Lodging Options:
    • o Discount on Camping Elevated – Valet camping
    • o Discount on Yurt Village housing (Yurts with 2/3 beds – Norwood only)
  • Crew T-shirts and baseball hats

Program Description:

Ride The Rockies “Riding Medic Program” has historically been a key component of each year’s Ride that ensures a safe and fun week for all participants. It is a group of health care providers including pre-hospital first responders, ski patrol, EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors from all specialties. Riding Medics volunteer their time and expertise as ride participants rendering aid as necessary backed by extensive resources including SAG vehicles, Stadium ambulances, and motorcycle troopers from the Colorado State Patrol. Medics of all riding abilities are encouraged to apply, knowing that you can leave at any time of the day, ride with friends and at your own pace. Riding medics are spread out from the earliest to the latest riders. Medics are asked to represent the Tour in a professional manner and we anticipate that you would stop and render aid to the extent of your time and capabilities. There is a fully equipped mobile medical clinic at each destination to which you can refer minor medical issues. Although not required, if you are so inclined and the need exists, you can also volunteer time at the mobile clinic. This is usually considered more fun than work, sharing stories (and expertise) about the day’s ride and rider’s experiences. We typically have an evening Riding Medic Meeting, again voluntary yet fun and rewarding, sometime between 5 and 6 pm, where we debrief the day’s ride and preplan for the next day. Medical and riding topics are covered by experts in their respective fields.

Prior to the ride, the Riding Medics have an organizational meeting in late May in the Denver area, where details of the ride are shared, and supplies are distributed. This usually lasts a total of 90 minutes and is in Lakewood, Colorado with easy parking. Those medics not from the front range of Colorado and out-of-state medics have an organizational meeting on registration day, Saturday, June 8th around 3-4 pm. This is followed by a hands-on refresher and medic team involvement with the Stadium ambulances and radio support cars on spinal immobilization and AED familiarization of the 15 deployed AED’s

Not only do the Riding Medics provide a valuable asset to Ride The Rockies, they form a bond with other medics many returning year after year. Over 50% of our medics return every year. They are equally split between first responders, nurses and doctors. Over 35% are from out of state. If you are so inclined, we will forward to your application!


In addition to receiving vital information regarding scheduling and medical duties, you will receive medical kits, jerseys, credentials and helmets. There are two opportunities for Riding Medics to attend an orientation.

  • Front Range/Metro Denver Area: TBD
  • Opening Day: Saturday, June 12th, Late Afternoon
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