Ride The Rockies is a fully supported Tour.  What does this mean? It means:

  • Bike technicians will be available to assist you at aid stations should you have mechanical difficulties along the way. At a minimum however, you should carry and know how to use equipment to patch and change your tires.
  • If you are unable to ride, SAG vehicles will be available to transport you and your bicycle.  This support is for riders that need assistance because they have a mechanical problem or physically just cannot go further.   We do not encourage the use of SAG’s for “social” reasons such as dinner reservations!  Crazy, right?  Please do your best to not misuse the SAG support as you may take the seat of someone that really needs it!
  • SAG vehicles also travel with basic supplies like tubes, water, snacks so don’t hesitate to flag them down if you just need to top off your water, need a tube, etc.
  • You will see logo’d vehicles driving back and forth – please give them a thumbs up if you do not need help or a thumbs down if you need them to stop.  It is not always easy to stop so it helps to know right away when they see you if you need help
  • Aid Station – this is the best place to stop and tell someone you need a ride.  You will have a safe place to rest while you wait for a pick-up, plus food, etc.