Private Caravan

Private Caravan Program

The Private Caravan Program allows RTR participants to receive personalized support from friends and family who wish to share the experience of Colorado’s greatest cycling tour with their participating riders.

Ride The Rockies welcomes private caravan vehicles and has created this program to accommodate their needs with our Private Caravan Program. The program provides guaranteed parking for support vehicles near all HQ sites, a luxury on a tour where space is at a premium. The nearby parking allows easier access for your riders and the ability to enjoy all of the RTR entertainment at the host communities each night.

To help manage the number of private caravan vehicles, both on the route and in the host communities, each vehicle supporting a rider will be required to purchase a Private Caravan Pass. The decal will allow you access to designated parking areas near the HQ site in each host community as well as Private Feed Zones along the route where pass holders can refuel their riders. Decals will need to be applied to your vehicle before arriving on registration day and need to remain on your vehicle for the duration of the tour.

The program applies to all vehicles (RV, Truck, Truck with Trailer, Van, and Cars) that are supporting a rider(s).

Important considerations to note about the Private Caravan Program:

  • Vehicle Passes are limited to 200; if you do not purchase the pass you will not be allowed parking at the designated areas near HQ sites.
  • Private Caravan vehicle parking will be as close to the rider venues as possible.
  • The Private Caravan vehicle area is not an RV park. Hook-ups (water, electricity, and dumping stations) are not provided or available.
  • Drivers should arrive at destination town HQ site between 10am-5pm. Please plan your travel time accordingly.
  • Quiet Hours: When possible, we try to locate vehicles that have generators away from those without. In addition, ALL private caravan vehicles are required to observe quiet hours (absolutely no generators running) from 10pm-5am every day.
  • IMPORTANT: No Class A motor homes are allowed on the Tour route, all Class A motor homes must take an alternate route to the host communities.

Vehicle Registration Fee
A registration fee of $165 is required for each car, truck, van, and SUV Private Support Vehicle.
A registration fee of $200 is required for each RV Private Support Vehicle.

This fee includes the following:

  • Access to service provided at the overnight site including showers, restrooms, beer garden, daily entertainment, other food vendors, bike mechanics, and medical tents.
  • Designated parking area at or near the HQ site in each host community.
  • Identified area for participant gear drop off providing easy access to setting up camp for your rider(s).
  • RTR merchandise coupon for 10% off total purchase; coupon may only be redeemed during the event (June 13th-19th) at the official merchandise tent. One use per pass.
  • Tour information packets.

Buy your Private Caravan Pass Now!


1) Safety Webinar
  • If you took the Bicycle Colorado Driver Safety webinar on May 12th please make sure we know you attended. Bicycle Colorado will not be providing that information.
    • If you have provided it to us already please do not send it again.  We have it if you sent it.
  • Wednesday, June 2 from 6-7:15pm MT Bicycle Colorado Driver Safety Webinar  – do your best to attend this session.
  • Final opportunity:  join a webinar with me and then watch a video that I present.  This will be Friday, June 5th at 12 – 1pm MT
There are no onsite safety sessions this year.
2) Private Caravan Stickers
  • You will be given a set of stickers for your car.  These stickers are indication that you are part of the Private Caravan Program.
  • You will receive these at packet pick-up.  And no they will not be mailed under any circumstance.
  • Pick-up options are all of the ones listed EXCEPT shipping –
2) COVID Protocols – everyone that is on the route and at HQ – as a rider, a support person, spouse, family, etc must comply with COVID Protocols and submit either a COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test.  You will receive an email in the next 2 days with information on how to submit your covid vaccination .  Please be aware and have everyone sign up.
4) Alternate Driving Directions
  • You will be given alternate driving directions and for the safety of the cyclists we really need you to comply with these directions.  The safety of the cyclists is paramount and the less vehicles with them the better.
  • Please be aware of the following:
    • Day 2:
      • Private Caravans will need to stay on Rte 160 to Cortez.  Under no circumstance should Private Caravans drive on CR 105
      • Private Caravans can stop at Aid Station 1,3,4 but cannot stop at Aid Station 2.   Precise parking information will be in the packet
    • Day 3
      • Private Caravans must use CR 145 from the start and not follow the route
      • Private Caravans cannot drive on CR63L/Illum Rd (dirt section)
      • No Aid Stations on Day 3 are available for Private Caravans
      • It would good for all RV’s to be in Norwood by 1pm so as not be on Norwood Hill with the riders
    • Day 4
      • No AId Stations on Day 4
      • RV’s should depart before 8am or after 11am so as to not be on Norwood Hill with the riders
    • Day 5
      • We discourage Private Caravans on the route on Day 5 – it has dirt sections and it is better for the cyclists if there are less vehicles
      • No Aid Stations on Day 5
    • Day 6
      • No RV’s on the Route.  Unfortunately you will need to backtrack on the route.   Red Mountain Pass is narrow and the cyclists do not need the added stress of large vehicles on the route.  RV’s include anyone pulling a trailer
      • Private Caravans can stop at Aid Station 3 & 4 but no others
      • all Private Caravans need to go straight on 550 at mile 67 and not turn on CR250
Remember we will provide detailed directions for you  with your sticker but you should become familiar with the routes.
Thank you for your attention to these matters.   The safety of all the cyclists is very important and we ask that you make good choices while driving and at RTR.   We don’t set up this program to be difficult we set it up to ensure that our riders are safe from vehicles!